Good Mourning

Presented by The Playgroup, LLC

Dates & Times:

Friday, March 3 at 8pm
Saturday, March 4 at 8pm
Sunday, March 5 at 2pm

Friday, March 10 at 8pm
Saturday, March 11 at 8pm
Sunday, March 12 at 2pm


$25 per person; $15 group rate (4 or more tickets purchased in one transaction).

Group rates may only be purchased in person or by calling the Box Office at (561) 347-3948


Mildly neurotic writer Scott Newton hates therapy. He tried it once, it didn't work. But now his problems have become overwhelming and the worst of it is, his mother, who used to help him through everything, is dying. In desperation he turns to a new therapist, who is literally a NEW therapist. Just got her license three weeks ago. Everything about her annoys Scott, from her lack of a couch, to her 'endorphin therapy' to her  unprofessional penchant for hugging. He is so outta there. But when the worst happens and his mother does pass away... why does he come back?

Rated PG-13