Flamenco Voices

Presented by Flamenco Puro Dance Company

Date & Time:

Saturday, March 23 at 2pm


$25 per person; $22 subscription rate (click HERE to learn about subscriptions!)

Group and Subscription rates may only be purchased in person or by calling the Box Office at (561) 347-3948


Flamenco Voices


Join us for a dance celebration where Clarita Filgueiras-Flamenco Puro dancers express their artistic passions through dance. With the support of the Flamenco guitar, voice, Cajon, and the Flamenco Palmas, each artist transmits the best of their artistic expression through dance. In this performance, Clarita Filgueiras’ dancers perform with the seduction of the shawl, the long train dress, and riveting footwork. Join us for an unforgettable Flamenco Performance.

Rated G